CLI (Shell)

I wrote a shell for use with OZONE. Basically, it contains a bunch of commands that access the system calls almost one-for-one, but is rich enough for production use.

Theoretically, one could port something like bash, but it has a lot of funky termios and fcntl and signal calls. Gaaaaahaaaaahaaaad!

These commands run as a subroutine of the main cli thread:

These commands run as a forked thread within the cli process:

Substitution of variables occurrs between braces as in {varname}. There are also functions available, a show symbol command will display a list.

Commands can be piped together using |>.

All of the above commands can be prefixed with the following:

Those ones that get forked as a thread can be prefixed with these in addition: External commands (see the utilities page) run as spawned processes. They are defined by creating a name in the OZ_CLI_TABLES logical name table that points to the image to be executed. The command can be prefixed with any of the above and with the following: